Le fleur Skincare specializing in customized skincare and airbrush spray tanning

Specializing in customized skincare and airbrush spray tanning

Specializing in customized skincare and airbrush spray tanning

Specializing in customized skincare and airbrush spray tanning Specializing in customized skincare and airbrush spray tanning Specializing in customized skincare and airbrush spray tanning

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About Renee'

Renee' Denney, Licensed Master Esthetician

Specializing in advanced treatment modalities, such as chemical peels, dermaplaning and micro-needling, as well as acne treatments. Renee's favorite services to perform are dermaplaning and lash lifts! However, nothing beats a facial for a tranquil moment and instant results both mentally and physically!  Fully licensed and insured.

Skincare Philosophy

Renee' believes in treatments that are effective and results-driven.  She works with client's specific needs to create a customized treatment program and an at-home skincare routine that will help achieve optimal results.  

Complimentary Consultations

Still not sure about a skincare service or treatment?  Take a look at the menu listed below or set a up a 15 minute complimentary consultation appointment!

Menu / Price List

Menu / Price List

Menu / Price List

Airbrush Tanning FAQs

Pre-Tan Instructions

ALL waxing and sugaring should be done at least 24 hours before your tanning visit. Exfoliation is a must. Please exfoliate prior to each appointment. Use a washcloth or salt scrub, not a loofah sponge-they don’t exfoliate evenly and will result in streaks as the tan fades. A nylon hand glove works the best.  No bar soaps, bodywash or sugar scrubs prior to tanning, They contain oils and emollients that act as a barrier and cause the tanning solution not to adhere properly to the skin.

PLEASE no lotion prior to tanning! Clean dry, make-up free skin is a must! Also NO OILS!  This includes bath/body products that contain essential oils.  These oils cause the spray tan solution to "bead up" on the skin.  An example is Dr. Bonner's Cleanser.  


 Wear loose fitting, dark clothing to your appointment, as well as flip flops. There is a chance the bronzer in the solution can transfer to clothing. The solutions is water soluble and will wash out of fabrics, except white lycra/spandex materials. Also, if it is raining, please bring coat with a hood or an umbrella.

 Please dress to your comfort level for tanning. Wear underwear g-string, dark colored 

swimsuit. Disposable panties are also available.. Men must wear briefs or boxers to tan. 


Depending on the skin type, a tan will last 8 to 12 days (depending on how well you lotion on a regular basis). Like a suntan, the sunless tan will fade gradually, as your skin exfoliates. However, you can help to extend your tan by using inexpensive moisturizers daily. Expensive moisturizers exfoliate - you don't want that.


Tanning can be performed every 3 to 7 days if desired. Spray tanning back to back on the same day, is not advised, as it does not give the DHA time to set between tans.


1. Limit physical activity for 8-12 hours following your tanning session.

2. Do not shower or get wet for at least 6 HOURS after tanning. DHA continues to react with the amino acids of your skin for up to 12 hours.

3. Use a moisturizer on your skin morning and night between spray tans

4. The time of year will affect your skin, and therefore, your tan. Keep moisturized.

5. Long hot baths or long showers are great for pre-tan exfoliation, but can cause a tan to fade prematurely. The skin soaks and softens with length of time exposed and this can speed up the exfoliation process. Only use a soft cloth for washing when you are tanned.

6. Pat dry after showering or bathing. DO NOT RUB.

7. Use a sharp, clean razor with a lubricating product, when shaving. Hair conditioner works well. (Avoid hair removal products ... Nair, Neet, wax, etc.)

8. Avoid harsh soaps such as deodorant bar soap.

9. Anti-acne products (including Retin-A type products) and makeup removal products may cause tan to fade.

10. Avoid exfoliating scrubs, facial masks, and toners containing alcohol.

11. Swimming in a chlorinated pool or hot tub can cause tan to fade prematurely. The application of thick waterproof sun block, prior to swimming, may help reduce fading.


Yes, Sunless tanning is a safe and proven method of obtaining a tan. As with any personal product, sensitivity can occur but is very rare.  If an individual has ever had any adverse effects utilizing self-tanning products or moisturizers, they might experience similar effects with spray tanning. The active ingredient DHA or dihydroxiacetone is derived from sugar beets and has been FDA approved for topical application and used for tanning creams since the 1960's. DHA has also been used in food and cosmetics for decades. When DHA comes in contact with the amino acids of the skin, it creates a natural chemical reaction that causes the skin to appear tanned.


NO! Spray tanning DOES NOT protect you from the sun. It is recommended that a sunscreen be used at any time you go out into the sun.

After airbrush spray tan!

After airbrush spray tan!

Cancellation/ No-Show Policies

Le FLeur Skincare's Policy

 Le Fleur Skincare understands that extenuating circumstances may arise and you may need to change or cancel your scheduled appointment.  During certain times of the year, for example, wedding season, proms and graduations, we are extremely busy! Please plan accordingly. A missed appointment is a missed opportunity for another client!

When booking, please kindly respect the 24 hour cancellation no show policy.   A major credit card will be needed to hold your appointment time. ANY cancellations with out 24 hour notice or any appoint that has a "no-show" will have the full amount of the service charged to the credit card. If you cannot make your scheduled appointment time, please contact 253-222-8107 to reschedule.


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